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Hotwife Payton Leigh and Her cuck husband head over to their new neighbor’s house to say hello. Hotwife Payton Leigh even brings over cookies. Hotwife Payton Leigh and the neighbor begin to play pool while the cuck husband looks on. The neighbor immediately begins flirting with Hotwife Payton Leigh. You can see right away during this cuckold video, the cuck husband is getting apprehensive from the situation. They then take a tour of the neighbor’s house and Hotwife Payton Leigh gets really comfortable on one of the chairs. Payton Leigh is stunningly hot with Her tight ass and body. The neighbor offers them some drinks. Coincidentally Hotwife Payton Leigh asks for a Black Russian, and Her cuck husband asks for a White Russian. While Hotwife Payton Leigh’s cuck husband goes to the washroom, the neighbor wastes no time in making a move on Hotwife Payton Leigh. They begin making out. Hotwife Payton Leigh immediately begins rubbing Her new neighbor’s big cock. Cuck husband walks out of the washroom and sees the neighbor kissing his Hotwife Payton Leigh. But like a real sissy, doesn’t do much about it. All three of them go outside to the pool.

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While they are looking at the pool, Hotwife Payton Leigh makes Her cuck husband go inside to bring out the cookies. Hotwife Payton Leigh takes this opportunity to continue what She started with the neighbor. This time Hotwife Payton Leigh pulls out the neighbor’s giant cock and immediately gets down low and starts stroking his huge black cock. Hotwife Payton Leigh shoves this giant black cock in Her mouth and moans as She sucks hard. This big black cock is extremely thick and fills Hotwife Payton Leigh’s mouth. She loves sucking on it, and sucks on it deep. Moaning the entire time. The neighbor simply fucks Her mouth as Hotwife Payton Leigh sits there with Her mouth wide open, accepting it. The cuck husband then returns, and is shocked to find his Hotwife Payton Leigh sucking the neighbor’s cock. Hotwife Payton Leigh tells Her cuck husband She is living out Her fantasy of fucking a professional football player.

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This is where the small penis humiliation begins. Hotwife Payton Leigh acknowledges that Her husband is a wealthy businessman, but his dick is way too small. She tells her cuck husband that She loves the dark meat. The small penis humiliation continues as Hotwife Payton Leigh returns to sucking the neighbor’s cock right in front of Her cuck husband. Hotwife Payton Leigh tells Her cuck husband to take his clothes off and sit down. The small penis humiliation cuckold takes his clothes off and is standing there naked. The cuck husband even holds Hotwife Payton Leigh’s hair back so that it doesn’t get in the way while She is sucking this huge thick black cock. What a loser husband he is. This is small penis humiliation at its best.

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Hotwife Payton Leigh then compares the size of Her small penis humiliation cuckold husband cock to the size of this giant black athlete’s cock. Which one would you choose? The size difference is massive making the small penis humiliation even more extreme. Hotwife Payton Leigh then dives right back in to sucking this huge black cock. Hotwife Payton Leigh can’t contain Herself any longer and strips Her skirt off so She can jump on the neighbor’s giant thick black cock. Hotwife Payton Leigh humiliates Her small penis humiliation husband by making him wear Her skirt. The small penis humiliation cuck husband stands there, wearing his Hotwife’s skirt, quietly, as the athletic neighbor fucks his Hotwife Payton Leigh. How humiliating. Hotwife Payton Leigh moans in exstacy as the neighbor fucks Her doggie style with his giant thick black cock. The cuck husband actually holds up Her foot to help out his Hotwife Payton Leigh while She gets fucked. The small penis humiliation gets worse when Hotwife Payton Leigh makes Her cuck husband move Her panties aside while the neighbor is fucking Her. Hotwife Payton Leigh even rests Her foot on the back of Her cuck husband’s head for support.

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Hotwife Payton Leigh, small penis humiliation cuck husband, and the athlete neighbor all move back inside to continue the cuckold festivities. The athletic neighbor and Hotwife Payton Leigh get on the couch. Hotwife Payton Leigh returns to sucking this massive black cock while the small penis humiliation cuck husband watches. Hotwife Payton Leigh gets upset with Her cuck husband and commands him to go find the damn cookies. The cuck husband goes off to find the cookies while Hotwife Payton Leigh continues to suck on the huge black thick cock. She then gets up and jumps on the big thick cock to ride it. This cock is absolutely huge and completely fills Hotwife Payton Leigh’s pussy. Payton Leigh talks about Her cuck husband’s small penis humiliation while they are fucking. She says his cock is too small and would never satisfy Her the way the neighbor’s cock satisfies Her.

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Cuck husband returns with the cookies and asks if they can leave now, but Hotwife Payton Leigh is having too much fun fucking the large cocked neighbor, She refuses to leave. Hotwife Payton Leigh forces Her cuck husband to lick Her pussy to taste that black athlete cock. She humiliates Her cuck husband while he’s eating out his Hotwife’s pussy. Hotwife Payton Leigh then returns to sucking the black athlete neighbor’s cock while Her cuck husband is forced to worship and clean Her asshole. Hotwife Payton Leigh loves the small penis humiliation. She makes Her cuck husband jerk off with his small penis while She makes Her cuck husband watch Her fuck the neighbor. She wants extreme small penis humiliation as She commands Her cuck husband to get his head down on the ground. Hotwife Payton Leigh places Her foot on the back of his head for leverage as She is riding the neighbor’s big black cock. This would be extremely degrading to any cuck. The small penis humiliation never ends.

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Shortly after they change positions and Hotwife Payton Leigh forces Her cuck husband to jerk off again. It really gets Hotwife Payton Leigh off, watching Her husband jerk off while he’s watching Her get fucked by a real man. She humiliates him by calling him a bitch in a pink dress. To humiliate Her cuck husband even more, Hotwife Payton Leigh makes Her husband get back down on the ground to do pushups while She is getting fucked. To continue with the small penis humiliation, Hotwife Payton Leigh then makes Her cuck husband suck Her toes, while the neighbor athlete fucks Her deep in the pussy. Hotwife Payton Leigh fucks Her cuck husband’s mouth with Her big toe. Hotwife Payton Leigh constantly verbally humiliates Her cuck husband by telling him to watch the cock go in and out of Her pussy.

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The athlete neighbor tells the cuck husband that he is going to cum inside his Hotwife. Payton Leigh gets all excited and wants his cum inside Her while the cuck husband begs for him not to cum. Hotwife Payton Leigh wants the cum inside Her really bad. The cuck husband watches in small penis humiliation as the athlete cums inside his Hotwife. Payton Leigh then spread the cum all over the cookies. Wiping Her pussy with the cookies. She then tells Her cuck husband how much he likes Her cookies and forces him to eat the cum filled cookies. This is extreme small penis humiliation cuck humiliation. As a grand small penis humiliation finale, Hotwife Payton Leigh verbally humiliates the size of Her cuck husband’s penis while he is eating the cum filled cookies.

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