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There is nothing I like better than to have my long legs spread with a big cock shoved deep inside my pussy. Except when my old man sucking my toes at the same time. My husband isn’t very fond of having to watch me fuck someone else. Oh well. Sucks to be him, because that is the only he is going to get anywhere near my cunt.

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I love my snatch stretched wide. When I can’t find a man with a big enough cock to satisfy my meat hole I use my fist or a barnyard animal to fill my sloppy slit. Often I go out and pick up men to bring home and force my husband to watch. Sometimes he tries to go to another room. If that happens I staple his scrotum to the table. If he tries to close his eyes, I superglue his eyelids to his eyebrows.

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Now, you may think this seems cruel. It’s not. After I get my cunt filled with man eggs, I tell my husband to suck it out of my sticky snizz. If he refuses, I pull out his tongue and thumbtack it to the arm of the couch, and squat over his face squeezing out the sweet jizz into his mouth. If he gagged on it, then I make my dick of the day paint my chest with another load. I untack my husbands tongue and shove a fireplace poker up his ass until he had cleaned every last drop.

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