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Samantha Sin really is a sinful little slut isn’t she? She has a cuckold there somewhere amidst the barrage of huge black cocks, and hopefully you’ll see him soon. I can let you into a little secret though. Samantha Sin is going to make a cuckold creampie eating cuckold of him when we do see him. The poor guy is there primarily to be well and truly humiliated; and that’s just what this dirty little whore and her black champions do.

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I think this black dude with the moustache and the smile on his face looks a little like snoop dog, don’t you? He is certainly looking very into the blowjob he’s getting from Samantha Sin; hell, he almost looks stoned too. Perhaps she’s having a greater effect over him than she first thought. Will this be the guy to make the creampie cuckold, or will it be the one fucking Samantha Sin in the pussy from behind. Watch this space folks and you’ll soon find out what’s going to happen.

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And here it is! And here is the creampie cuckold. The cuckold creampie eating slave. He looks as though he might actually be sick if he goes anywhere near that pile of jizz. But he doesn’t have much choice because he’s the creampie cuckold clean up guy and it’s his job to lick up all that this black dude has given him to do. He can handle it for the simple reason that his wife, Samantha Sin has told him to do it, and he is ever so obedient. Of you go creampie cuckold clean up guy, do your best job on this mess please.

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Samantha Sin looks absolutely hilarious with her hand pushing down her creampie cuckold clean up guy on that mess between her legs, and she looks as though she’s having a whole lot of fun; as are the black guys who are providing the cuckold creampie. They don’t mind feeding the cuckold their loads of sticky jizz; what does it matter to them you eats it all up and swallows it down. The cuckold in this picture below really looks like he’s out to do the cuckold creampie clean up well and get that pussy nice and clear; ready for the next big black cock to come along and create another creampie cuckold treat for our man here.

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And here she is working up another batch. You’d think that her cuckold creampie eating man would have had enough, but no, that isn’t for him to decide anyway; Samantha Sin decides just what her cuckold does, who with and when. This guy does not have a life of his own. I love the way the black guy in the background is having a good old laugh at the expense of the cuckold who has his head held by Samantha Sin so that he is forced to watch her taking a big cock into her mouth and another in her tight little, wet pussy. This creampie cuckold clean up guy can only dream of being able to please his woman in the same way as her black lovers do. Just how many other lovers do you think this Samantha Sin has in that room with her for Christ’s sake! There are three there now, and I thought there were only two. She is having a lot of fun at the expense of her husband.

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And that cuckold creampie eating husband looking on must be mortified to see this shot of Samantha Sin getting a cock in her pussy, one in her mouth, and the other one in her hand. What a lovely time she’s having, and what a lovely time her men are having too; if only I could get to be one of those hardcore cuckold porn stars. However, I don’t think I’d be able to do the old creampie cuckold clean up act though; I think that this job warrants someone with some more experience than me in certain areas; however one of them being sick because he’s done too much creampie cuckold clean up wouldn’t be a good way to earn your living in my opinion.

This shot is a great still from the movie, and it shows Samantha Sin with a giant black cock sticking out of her pussy like it’s not attached to anything else. What would you give to stick your cock in her mouth while she got fucked like this? I’d give up anything for a little blow job from this hot little sexcam whore, and I know that I’d certainly say yes to anything more if she was perchance to offer it. Samantha Sin almost looks completely innocent in this picture too, what the hell is going? Samantha must be getting quite a pussy full of cock because she’s starting to look a little tired too.

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I wouldn’t be surprised too much if there was another load of cum to arrive very soon. This must be why Samantha Sin has put her creampie cuckold clean up guy down to her pussy to get ready for the blasting of a life time. You can see that the creampie cuckold doesn’t look quite as ready for his load of jizz as he did last time. I think that he’s expecting something pretty awful like last time and he’s become a little bit nervous to say the least. Speaking from a viewer’s perspective for a moment, I can certainly appreciate the look of her body when she’s getting fucked like this; it’s pretty much picture perfect isn’t it? Even if this wasn’t a porn movie I think I could quite easily spend all afternoon watching the two of them interact.

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But it is porn, and you certainly get your money’s worth out of it if you decide to watch the whole thing. The acting in this movie is superb, and all the actors are convincing and as sexy as hell. You’d have to go a long way to find a DVD with content like this on it I’m telling you.


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