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My husband has not shown interest in my pussy in quite some time. I thought maybe he was fucking around on me until one evening I caught him spanking his monkey to an interracial cuckold website. As he came all over the monitor, he looked up at me with an evil smirk and demanded that I lick it clean. I’ve not seen this side of him before, so I obeyed. While I was windexing the monitor with my tongue, he became rock hard and fucked my pussy like it has never been fucked before. I had desired this for so long and was not about to let this awesome fucking escape our marriage. It was then that I decided to pursue a black monster into our bedroom. The one that I had found, had a donkey dick. I had to get used to the girth of a black man. It was not easy to take in, and with every scream, my husband became closer and closer to blasting his man juice all over us. He watched from behind as the black monster tore my pussy in half.

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As I screamed, I started to regret interracial cuckold. It felt like I was being split down the middle. I started to give up and that’s when my husband laid his naked body beside us. He tried to sooth me by rubbing my inner thighs and whispered everything a wife wanted to hear. He diligently watched as the massive dong thrust inside me and was so turned on watching my pussy stretch out.

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I started to calm down and began to get used to having Godzilla’s prick inside of me when I realized that I was enjoying interracial cuckold. I can’t wait for the next time I get to have a huge black cock thrust deep in my pussy. My husband said that he wants me to fuck two black cocks so he can watch them stretch my ass and pussy as wide as the Grand Canyon.

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