Hotwife Sindee Jennings

Cuckoldry Mistress Sindee Jennings

Sindee Jennings knows her cuckoldry like the back of her hand. In fact I think that Sindee Jennings went to the school for cuckoldry before she took part in this movie. She shows us ever nasty and horny aspect of cuckoldry and really puts her man through his paces; well, in fact she puts both her men through their paces. The black guy fucking her like crazy has certainly met his match and her cuckold, well he just does as he’s told without argument; just the way a good cuckold should.

Sindee Jennings cuckoldry

So first she gets on top of her black guy and begins fucking him like a mad bitch on heat. And what is it that her lessons in cuckoldry have taught her about what to do with her cuckold at times like this? That’s right, you never miss an opportunity to make your cuckold worship your ass, because that’s all he’s basically good for. Top points for Sindee Jennings here then, she wins hands down. Her cuckold seems to know what’s expected of him too, so everyone seems to understand the rules of cuckoldry; they’ll start as they mean to go on.

Sindee Jennings cuckoldry foot worship

And here Sindee Jennings gives her cuckold one hell of a view when she reverse cowgirl rides her sex partner. Cuckoldry has never been performed better for video than in this piece. And her cuckold does what every cuckold does in this situation, simply because he’s not allowed to do anything else, he sucks the bitch’s toes. It must be really frustrating watching a cuckoldry queen such as Sindee Jennings getting fucked before your very eyes and being unable to just stand up, take out your dick and stick it in her mouth; especially when it’s wide open like that; it’s purely teasing him isn’t it? I wouldn’t mind sucking her toes though, if that was all I was worthy of. I mean, they do look like pretty sexy toes don’t they, and I’d at least get to see her naked body bouncing around, and hear her soft voice moaning as she’s fucked from pillar to post; torturous but sexy I suppose!


Good lord! I think that this guys cock is about as thick as Sindee Jennings leg! She looks like she’s got a false leg in the middle! Cuckoldry has never been finer when the babes involved give their cuckolds a view such as this to gaze upon. Here we see Sindee Jennings playing with her clit in front of her cuckold, and eventually she plays with it so much she squirts all over the camera! That’s right, you’ll see it if you watch the video clip at the bottom of the page; it really is something else, and true cuckoldry on another scale altogether. Personally if I’d have shot this video I’d have had the cuckold in front of her when she squirted to further add to his humiliation; that would have been true cuckoldry at its finest.

Sindee Jennings getting fucked by a huge black cock

Time for a change of position, but cuckoldry queen Sindee Jennings is still fiddling with her clit, perhaps trying to squirt again; there is no satisfying this bitch, she’ll go all day and all night long. There is little wonder that she has to take extra lovers and make a cuckold of her man, just look at him, he looks as though a strong wind might knock him over and blow him away; well something has to blow him I suppose, because his girl certainly won’t, not when she’s got a huge, black cock like that to play with. Sorry Mr. Cuckold, but you only get to watch! If I was sitting in front of this action (or even to the side, or across the other side of the room) I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself touching. I know I’d get a slap from Sindee Jennings, but I think it might be worth it just to hang my cock in front of her mouth like a carrot in front of a donkey; just in case she’d go for it! I don’t think she would though, this cuckoldry expert is just too professional.

cuckoldry with Sindee Jennings

The smile on Sindee Jennings face is one that only the truly satisfied with their work can conjure for the cameras. I’ve seen a lot of porno movie, and a lot of those have been specialist cuckoldry flicks too, but I’ve never seen a smile quite so satisfied as Sindee Jennings. It’s a shame we can’t get a smile the same out of her cuckold isn’t it? Just kidding, he’s hardly likely to be smiling about his bitch being screwed by a big black cock is he? Particularly when it’s quite clearly a really good long, deep screw too. He has to learn to live with cuckoldry, and he has to learn to love it; I do.

cuckoldry humiliation

Here we see that cuckoldry queen, Sindee Jennings, is not quite satisfied with where her cuckold has been for the last few minutes, so she has taken it on herself to ensure that he gets a good, close eyeful of the cuckoldry action going on between her legs; who knows, maybe he’ll get squirted this time, he’s certainly close enough to be in range. Watch out their cuckold!

This masterpiece of cuckoldry really needs to be watched in its entirety to fully appreciate it, but if you cannot do without a little peak at the action then all you need to do is click play on the video below to get a reasonable idea of what to expect. I sincerely hope you go and watch the whole thing, simply because there are scenes of cuckoldry in there that even I haven’t seen before; and believe me, that’s saying something folks! I absolutely insist you go and give it a quick look over at least.

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