Hotwife Skye Daniels

I was caught fucking this well hung black guy by my husband. I was mortified. My old man told me to get off of my lover. Being afraid that he was about to make us a statistic I started crying and swearing it would never happen again. Then my hubby took off his clothes and began to suck the rock hard pud. It threw me off guard. I giggled a bit.

Hotwife Skye Daniels

Then my ball and chain tossed me on my back and I felt the baseball bat sized cock plunge deep into my gaping cunt. While I was getting the shit pounded out of my twat, my husband stuffed his own ass with his fist. I was shocked to see how much he was enjoying the whole affair. I couldn’t help but wonder how much kinkier could this get. I have never been so turned on in my life.

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I rolled over on top of the hole stretcher and reached back to feel my old man preparing to lick the dark meat sliding deep inside me. He took my lovers balls in his mouth and rolled them around with his tongue. Then he slid his licker up my pooper. As he mouthed the exposed shaft jamming in and out of my tore up hole, I felt the explosion of man eggs. I thought I was going to be shot into the ceiling. Finally, the sick prick I married, sucked every last creamy drop of jungle juice out of my hot koochie. I love that man.

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