Hotwife Syren De Mer 2

My black lover came in through the window and demanded my cunt. I would never disobey him. He intimidates me with his strength and has his way regardless. He told me to strip and when I got down to just my panties, he came over and gave me a pussy wedgie and told me to never wear panties again. Then he ripped them off of me and smacked my tits. He kissed me passionately and roughly then shoved his large fingers up my pussy. He hoisted me up internally and wrapped my legs around his waist. I could not scream because our lips were locked and he was sucking on my tongue so tightly, I couldn’t get away. With his fingers still in me, he let go of my tongue and moved down to my nipples. He sucked on them so hard that he left hickie marks. I made quiet sobbing sounds, letting him know I was in pain, but he understood it as pure pleasure. My pussy was dripping wet as his fingers fucked me deeply. He was feeling around inside and coming out to pinch on my clit.

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As he was standing there with my legs still wrapped around him, he asked about my husband. I told him he was upstairs watching television. He said “Good, now it’s time to make you scream”. I knew what was coming for me. He roughly tossed me onto my back. With his fingers darting in and out very quickly and deeply, my moans started to get louder. This only made it worse. He wanted me to scream so that my husband would hear us. He started to shove all five fingers into my pussy when I started to scream as loud as I could. He almost had his entire fist inside of me when my husband darted in. My husband was in shock seeing me getting fist fucked by a big black man. He thought I was getting raped at first. My lover told my husband to get naked and sit down and enjoy the fuck show his slut wife was about to put on. My husband was scared and complied. Then he pulled his fist out of my pussy and I was relieved. He lifted me up with my nipple and demanded that I get on all fours so that my husband could see what a whore I was. I obeyed. While I was on all fours, he told me to look at my husband and tell him I am a slut. Just as I did, he shoved his huge cock up my pussy. With every thrust, he kept making me repeat to my husband that I was a slut.

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When he was done ripping my pussy open, he pulled out and forced me to suck on his cock. He wanted it cleaner than when he arrived. I sucked as best as I could but he wasn’t happy. He held the back of my head and shoved his dick to the back of my throat. It was so far back, I could not breath. I could not gag or cough. He just kept his cock back there while making loud groans. I started to struggle with not being able to breath but he forcefully held my head in place. Finally he started to fuck my throat with short quick pulses. He fucked it hard and quick and then came down my throat. Finally he pulled his cock out just enough to let me breath. I started gasping for air through my nose. He looked at my husband and said “See, I told you she was a fucking slut”. I started to look over to see his reaction but my lover quickly smacked me and told me never to look at him while his dick is in my mouth. He allowed me to suck his cock dry and that’s when he released me from his grip. He looked at my husband and told him to enjoy his sloppy seconds. He also told him that he would be back once I heal.

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