Hotwife Syren De Mer

Syren de Mer is one hot fucking bitch! I mean, regardless of the cuckhold in this movie, or even the black dude fucking her hard as hell, Syren de Mer is one of the most beautiful and talented porno stars I’ve ever seen in my life in the industry; and that’s saying something! Here we see her with a rather pathetic looking cuckhold husband who closely resembles a fucking dog! Look at the hair on this guy! It seems only appropriate that he should have what can I suppose be termed as a leash. A cuckhold on a leash, now there’s a nice idea. I think that Syren de Mer has her useless little cuckhold exactly where she wants him in this movie.


In the image below Syren de Mer seems to have allowed her cuckhold off the leash for a while, or at least she appears to have let go of it anyway. I think she might have been distracted for a moment by the fucking huge, black cock that seems to be penetrating her like an angry piston inside a race engine. This position certainly seems to suit Syren de Mer because she grins her way through this part of the scene like it’s her birthday party!

cuckhold husband

And if that’s not a good enough view for you see this image below. Here you’ll get to see Syren de Mer in her brutal close up with that big, black love rocket rammed right into her tight little pussy; this girl just looks too small to take such a beating! I wonder what the cuckhold husband is thinking right now? I bet he’s probably either really turned on, or else he’s thinking: fuck, I wish I had a cock that size, then maybe she’d fuck me for a change.

cuckhold slave

Of course, when you look at the picture below you’ll learn that is cuckhold isn’t given much time at all to think about anything; not when Syren de Mer has hold of his dog leash. This guy is really hairy, and I know I’ve said it before but I actually think this cuckhold might turn into a dog or a wolf or something before I reach the end of these pictures! Cuckhold, werewolf porn, not that would be a rare niche to cover would it?

cuckhold hubby

Having been forced by Syren de Mer to watch that big, black cock enter his wife, our cuckhold just begins to look a little pissed off now (in the picture below) rather than concerned or disgusted in any way. He must be so used to his slut wife bringing home big, black guys to fuck, that he’s forgotten any other way of life they’ve had before this one; it can’t be easy, and I sincerely hope that he enjoys himself as much as Syren de Mer clearly is in this picture below.

cuckhold submissive

In the next picture I actually think that Syren de Mer’s cuckhold may have had enough of watching the action. He actually looks a little distraught by it all. This is good, and it will add to the overall patheticness of him and his tiny little cuckhold cock that’s neither use nor ornament to anyone other than pissing out of in the toilet. Syren de Mer tries to pull his head into line with hers to at least make him watch her enjoy herself and see her face as it becomes animated with the tearing of the orgasm through her body, she is inevitably going to have at the hands of this huge black stallion. Cuckhold guy doesn’t appear to want to play though. Perhaps she should be a little more forceful with him? Perhaps she’s pushed him too far by putting a dog lead on him and also made him watch as she got fucked from all angles? What do you think it is?

cuckhold sub

So she can’t get the reaction she wants out of her cuckhold. What does Syren de Mer do to alleviate that? She gets on her knees and opens her mouth for the big, black guy’s load of hot jizz, that is soon to be gushing out of his cock end like a torrent of life giving juice. The cuckhold, in his pathetic fit of anguish, is intrigued again, and Syren de Mer has won her battle of wits. Actually, come to think of it, who really could look away from this for long anyway? I know I couldn’t!

cuckhold humiliation

It’s hard to tell from these images whether or not the big, black dude has actually shot his load, but judging by the picture below, it appears as though it’s probably, or even that Syren de Mer may have it in her mouth or down her throat. Either way that is an encouraging look she’s giving to the camera isn’t it? It makes me want to get my own cock out and start beating off in order to cum all over her face! The cuckhold certainly seems to think that if the black guy hasn’t come already, he is certainly going to very soon! And who could hold back with Syren de Mer attached to the end of your cock like one of those erasers that used to come attached to the end of your pencils in school.

cuckhold slavery

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