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My cuckold husband always knew I fucked other men. He could smell their cum in my pussy, and I knew it, but I never admitted to it. He seemed to maul my cunt like never before and I began to think it turned him on. I always made it a point to never get caught but I wanted him to be a part of it. Believing that it would turn him on, I invited the Black mamba over right before my husband was to be home from work. We stripped down and I began to rub my pussy raw. I was so hot thinking about my husband catching me for the first time. My pussy dripped with excitement. I stuck my fingers in it and rubbed my juices all over my nipples. I sucked on Mamba’s cock getting him nice and hard. I took his cock to the back of my throat, gagging myself. This made my pussy contract and squirt juice all over myself. I heard my husband come home and I sucked even harder. He walked into the room with a surprise look on his face. I ignored him at first, taking in his reaction. From behind, he looked at my pussy and asshole contracting with every suck. He stuck his nose closer and said “I knew it”.

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While I was getting my face fucked, my husband took Mamba’s cock from my mouth. I thought he was going to wring Mamba’s dick off but to my surprise and relief, he started sucking on it. He licked like it was his first time. He was really getting into it but still was unable to take it all in. I took Mamba’s cock and stroked it with my hand while my hubby sucked on the end of it like a lolly pop.

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My pussy was aching for Mamba’s huge mass. My husband stood there watching me with excitement. I could see his rock hard bulge through his jeans. Mamba swung me on all fours and without warning or any easing in, he thrust his large cock into my wet pussy like a jack hammer. I screamed because it felt so good. I was telling him to fuck me harder and deeper with every pound. My husband eased underneath my breasts and started sucking on my nipples. Mamba would pull my ass into him causing my tits to be stretched back and forth. Mamba could not take anymore and blew his load into my cunt. I laid there on all fours with my ass and cunt in the air and my face flat against the bed. Mamba pulled his dripping cock from my pussy and began to dress. While I laid there, my husband rushed over for sloppy seconds. He sucked and tugged on my clit until I begged for an orgasm. He turned me over, spread my legs above my head and starting licking long strokes from my ass to my clit rapidly. I was just about to orgasm when my husband stuck one finger up my ass and two into my pussy. I started screaming with pleasure. He started jamming them into me very fast, until finally, I arched my back and squirted cum all over my husbands face.

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