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My husband really wanted me to have a black guy in me so I went and found the perfect one. I brought him home and we immediately stripped. His cock was hard already so I got on my hands and knees and spread my legs wide. He rubbed his cock up and down my wet pussy and then pile drove it into my bottomless pit. He started to move it in slowly and my husband wasn’t having it. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them until they almost tore. He started shoving my ass so hard into the black mamba, I started to scream. I started to really get onto it and decided to turn the tables on him. After having such a massive black cock in my slit, there was no way I would be taking in his puny dick ever again.

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I laid my body against King Kong and let him violate my hot box some more. I decided to slap my husband in the face with my foot. He was shocked at first, so I jammed my toes into his mouth and demanded that he suck them. I was in heaven by this time. My pussy was being torn in two and my feet were being sucked on as if they were 5 little cocks.

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At this point I had had it with looking at my husband dwarf penis. I made him get behind the back of the couch so I wouldn’t have to stare at it any longer. I laid on my back and had him lift my legs in the air, I started waving my arms like I didn’t care, and got rammed so hard my pootang started to tear. King Kong got so far deep into my man cave and ran his cock into the bulkhead that pussy came in streams all over his junk.

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