Hotwife Tara Lynn Foxx

Tara Lynn Foxx has a way to treat her cuckold and it’s all to do with small penis humiliation. And what better way to accomplish small penis humiliation than to get yourself a lover that has a penis the size of your husband’s left arm! When Tara Lynn Foxx decides to get her cuckold ashamed and face his small penis humiliation head on he can’t quite believe what he’s seeing. It’s a good job that he’s a pathetic worm with a tiny dick because if not he’d be inclined to be rather angry about his small penis humiliation Tara has planned.

small penis humiliation

I don’t think there are many guys out there who wouldn’t suffer complete and utter small penis humiliation if they were confronted with this black guy’s huge weapon, pointing up like a fucking flagpole in the middle of the room. I mean, who couldn’t notice that the thing is massive? But the way the small penis humiliation is made worse is by Tara Lynn Foxx showing her tiny pricked husband just how hard, and equally pleasurable it is to take such a huge black cock into her mouth. And just what is the stupid cuckold trying to do here with Tara’s hair? It almost looks as though he trying to pull her off the big black cock, either that or she’s told him to hold her hair out the way for the camera and he’s despairing.

cuckold small penis humiliation

Look at the face on this black guy as he gets his cock sucked by Tara Lynn Foxx! He’s in absolute heaven, and if that doesn’t contribute to the cuckold’s small penis humiliations then I don’t know what it takes. I mean, come on, who couldn’t be completely humiliated by that? Excluding black guys with bigger cocks of course (because you know there’s always one bigger than yours!) And that big cock looks absolutely massive in her mouth doesn’t it? Tara Lynn Foxx actually looks as though she could choke to death on that deadly piece of meat!

Tara Lynn Foxx

Alright then, let’s have a different view for a change shall we? Let’s look into the asshole of Tara Lynn Foxx as she continues the small penis humiliation of her cuckold, and forces him to spread her cheeks while she sucks hard on Mr. Big cock’s tool; who is still clearly enjoying his nice relaxing blowjob. But what of the poor cuckold facing his small penis humiliation? What’s next for him?

Tara Lynn Foxx small penis humiliation

Great! Now he gets to see his wife climbing aboard the massive cock that belongs to Mr. Big Black Dude, and he can do nothing about it except face his small penis humiliation and spread his wife’s cheeks to see that massive cock monster push her wide apart. The expression on her face says it all really doesn’t it, and if her pathetic husband wasn’t looking at her pussy being parted by the biggest cock of all time, then a simple look at her face would tell him that his small penis humiliation was in full swing!

small penis humiliation cuckold

Well, alright, we’ve gotten away from the small penis humiliation for a short time in this picture, and we can clearly see that Mr. Big cock is giving Tara Lynn Foxx a sweet pussy licking while her stupid fuck of a husband spreads her pussy lips. This guy really knows what he’s doing with a nice open, wet pussy; he flicks her clit hard and fast, making it bounce up and down like a parrot’s beak. Can you believe that this bitch is actually laughing in her husband’s face? Sheez! Is there no end to the small penis humiliation that this man has to suffer? Now he knows that not only is his cock smaller than the other guy, but the other guy also performs better oral sex than he could possibly imagine! Can he indeed take any more?

Tara Lynn Foxx penis humiliation

It would appear so, and in fact, in this shot he’s not even important enough to be present. Perhaps he’s off to the side of the screen somewhere; gently sobbing to himself and nursing his tiny little dick, wishing it were bigger and able to satisfy Tara Lynn Foxx. Well looking at this picture above we can clearly see that it’ll take a pretty big cock to satisfy Tara Lynn Foxx after this dude has finished fucking the breath out of her cute, tight assed body.

Tara Lynn Foxx cuckold

And he’s back, and look at this pathetic worm. He has been granted the privilege of licking and sucking his wife’s toes while she turns on the small penis humiliation again by showing him how much of this big black stud her pussy can swallow up in one go. That guy is nearly up to his nuts in Tara Lynn Foxx, and I don’t think he can go much further without actually popping out of her mouth! Now that would humiliate the pathetic little tosser sucking her feet wouldn’t it? There’s really nothing more to it. The small penis humiliation is very nearly at an end, and all that is left to do is to get Tara Lynn Foxx’s lover to bolt his load of hot, sticky jizz all over the place. And how can tiny dick help in this matter?

cuckold to Tara Lynn Foxx

Well to begin with he can hold his wife’s legs apart, and out of the way while Mr. Big, black cock pounds his way to victory. Once he can thrust away freely and as hard as he wants it will only be a matter of time before his huge weapon is squirting hot loads of spunk all over Tara Lynn Foxx, while her pathetic, useless husband watches, absolutely humiliated by the sight. Imagine seeing someone else’s cock (bigger than yours) jizzing all over your wife. Small penis humiliation complete!


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